Boca Restaurant Group Holiday Branding

Boca Restaurant Group Holiday Branding


While working for Boca Restaurant Group, I was asked to create a holiday identity and associating collateral for each of their three brands: Boca, Sotto, and Nada.

To determine what the brands’ holiday identities would be, I looked back on past holiday collateral and other event material for each of the brands. I created idea boards for each brand with different graphics and images that could work for their holiday identities.

For Boca, an upscale French-American restaurant, I used icons of forks, spoons, and knives to create a Christmas tree and snowflakes. For Sotto, an Italian restaurant with a classically simple feeling, I used illustrative Christmas motifs. For Nada, a modern Mexican Restaurant, I created an image of a 1970s pin-up girl riding a taco-eating polar bear on a beach with both the girl and polar bear wearing Santa hats.

Each of the developed brand identities were used to create A-frames, social media posts, email graphics, website images, and menus to promote Holiday Lunch and Gift Card sales.


Website Homepage Graphics

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