Graeter's Rendering

Graeter's Renderings


Graeter's is a Cincinnati ice cream staple and is quickly spreading across the nation with stores opening up in different states, and pints being sold at grocery stores coast to coast. They use photography for their print advertising and website images, but are limited with what they can do with photos. By using 3D renderings, they could have a more efficient way of developing creative advertisements and animations with their pints. 

For this project, I taught myself how to use Maya, VRay, and KeyShot. I used Maya to model the main piece of the pint and the lid. I created textures for three Graeter's flavors in Maya using VRay initially, but later went on to texture and light using KeyShot. I also modeled the ice cream using different mapping techniques, materials, and textures.

This is a work-in-progress piece.


KeyShot Renderings

Early Renders + Ice Cream