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Kid Stardust Music Video & Mini Documentary

Kid Stardust Mini Documentary + Music Video


This project consists of a music video and a mini documentary for Cincinnnati-based band, Kid Stardust. I worked on this project with five other designers and directly with the band members.

I was the producer for the mini-documentary portion of the project, ensuring the final product was high quality and cohesive. The footage was filmed at the band's practice studio and at one of their concerts. Although we had hours of footage of the band talking about so many great stories and inspiring experiences, we used what we had to form a short story highlighting what we felt to be the most important thing to them, which was their relationships to each other. I played a major role in constructing the narrative and editing the footage.

An animated lyric music video was created to accompany the mini-documentary. We chose a song called "None the Wiser" off of the band's first EP which after talking to Chrissy, the lead singer and songwriter, we learned to be about how it's easy to fall into a loop of a relationship where things start to go wrong and that should be taken as a sign to get out of the relationship, but ends up just going back to the beginning. The video is focused on this cycle of mistakes. We chose a quirky, vintage style based on the personalities and styles of the band members and split the animation between the six team members.