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Scientific Sleuths Posters

Scientific Sleuths Posters


Scientific Sleuths, an event at the Cincinnati Museum Center featuring the work of three famous scientists, had a need for promotional posters with one representing each scientist.  I designed the three posters with the intention of displaying them together, but they are also effective individually. 

I researched each of the three scientists to discover their greatest accomplishments and determine if there were any connections between the three. I created tone boards to compare and contrast the scientists. After my research, I sketched different poster series ideas. I chose one of the scientists to try out some of the sketches digitally. After sharing my ideas with peers, I chose a direction to take and designed posters for the other two scientists in the same style and direction.

Each of the final posters features a photograph of the scientist, a scientific form relevant to their work, and event information. To create consistency, I used a complimentary two-color palette and placed the event information and logo in the same location on each poster.



Early Digital Versions

Tone Boards